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Knock Knock The Casting


Episode 7 & info: A web series by Meridiano Teatret (DK) in collaboration with Artecapt (CH), featuring international artists working together separately. Jack has found the perfect way to do his international casting for A Dream Play by Strindberg, traveling fast and easy around the world to visit artist wherever they are – though not always remembering to knock on their door before entering. See how this will work out for the eager director! Please, be curious and check the LINKS page and the CREDITS pages on our Website: you will discover all the artists and theater groups involved in the series and also the trailers of actual performances used inside the episodes. Once upon a time, real actors of flesh and blood would perform in theaters, on real stages and in front of live audiences... But maybe this is just a legend. Jack William Radish, a theater director with massive panic attacks and a precarious economic situation, is contacted by the National Art Theater of a big city offering him the chance to stage a huge show with an international cast. He doesn't have a clue about casting internationally, especially as his panic attacks prevent him from travelling. By chance, he fortunately learns of a new form of technology that allows him to travel around the world without ever having to leave home. Now, the search for his cast can begin. Written and directed by Giacomo Ravicchio - Music and sound design by Jerome Baur Supported and subsidized by: Danish Arts Foundation, Augustinus Fonden (DK), Fondation Leenaards (CH). Knock Knock the casting is an international web series of 8 episodes due to be launched on SoMe medias from April to June 2021 and, eventually, also on this website in a short movie version. It was recorded with all kinds of video devices, in many different parts of the world and with actors and artists from different disciplines, who collaborated remotely in this international experiment. The project was created as an alternative to 'live' theater performances. While a health crisis has paralyzed theater scenes around the world, the project has given artists from around the world the opportunity to continue to create, collaborate and develop new ways of presenting art to its audience. Website:
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